Hello Everyone!

Thank you for visiting my personal website.

I am Behnoud Baradaran-Noveiry. I am a doctor of medicine and I graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences as a general practitioner. Then I moved to the US and finished my residency at Yale School of Medicine, St. Mary’s Hospital in 2021.

After years of training and studying, I have decided to continue and quench my thirst for curiosity through Nephrology. I am proud to announce that I have started my Nephrology Fellowship at University of Massachusetts, Baystate Medical Center. And after that … we’ll see!

I like you to have joyful and exciting experience visiting my website. I may share any interesting topics, tools, resources here, so shall this environment evolve to a cool and nice place to hang around.


I would love to stay in touch with you guys. But this is a developing process for me, so excuse me for any glitch or delay.